Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Welcome to Computer-Ease corner, 1st thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
Been a full mobile computer shop you benefit by not having to break down the computer and bring it to the shop. We bring the shop to you so we get to see the full scope of the problem (so many times when you bring the computer to the shop it works perfectly). With over 30 years in computer's we will provide you with the best professional & repair service with out breaking your wallet. 

If you are viewing this blog in IExplore the page wont display right!  Firefox and Google Chrome will display it right. This is just a another case of MS IExplore incompatibility, the side bar information is on the sale page. The blogger team on Google are working on this, so, if you have a blog on blogger relax----your good! 

Our business cell line is 219-379-2719 open from 8am to 6pm

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